February on Cape Cod

Ground’s not frozen. Rhodies are being moved up the hill from the house being sold because the buyers didn’t want them. Bill Bourne, West Falmouth’s own “mountain man”, is behind the wheel.


Cape Cod Hygge, Part 2

I’ve read some great books lately. Have you? Please share! Here are my own idiosyncratic recommendations:

The Sympathizer, by Viet Thanh Nguyen – This won the Pulitzer for fiction, and although it’s sometimes hard to follow who’s doing what where, I found the milieu (post fall of Saigon) fascinating, and the uncertainty about levels of deception suspenseful. The writing was superlative. Not an easy read, but a rewarding one.

The House By the Lake, by Thomas Harding – A true account of a cottage on a lake about an hour from Berlin, from the 1920’s when the author’s great-grandparents built it, through 2014, when it was restored and placed on the Register of Historic Places. A microcosm of the history of Berlin during these years, the book brought to life all the changes during these decades in a very personal and compelling way, including the bike and running path in front of the house that used to be where the Berlin Wall was.

The Mothers, by Britt Bennett – This is for when you just want to speed read and not think too much. I thought this book was like a more current Jodi Picoult novel – lots of emotion, but with black characters and “the mothers”, the churchwomen who were like a Greek chorus to the events. A fun read! Continue reading

Cape Cod Hygge, Part 1

“Hygge” is the newest cool experience, according to Pinterest, the Washington Post, and just about every other site I’ve been reading. If you haven’t run across it yet, it’s a Danish word meaning coziness, more or less. (It’s pronounced “HOO-gah”.)

Apparently, the word is used constantly in Denmark, which has about 8 months a year of weather that calls for a lot of hygge. Practiced properly, it encompasses your space, your people, and your intention. “A conducive environment is key to experiencing hygge,” says Danish ambassador Lars Gert Lose.

Yesterday was a good day to create hygge. I had both Jotul stoves going, all the lights on in the house, and a soup simmering on the stove. These began as an effort to at least start off warm and with something hot to eat when the power would go off, which was a highly likely possibility given the howling wind and thunder snow. Continue reading

An Anthem for the Times

Take a look and listen to this awesome song on YouTube, an anthem to women everywhere demanding to be heard.

And on this day of wild weather on Cape Cod, stay snug and power-ful!

Signs of the Times

Yesterday people of all ages and genders gathered on Falmouth village green to share thoughts, show solidarity, and cheer speakers. It was a convivial group, greeting, hugging, kids playing, and dogs cavorting. The signs were awesome, take a look!