Falmouth Road Race – Finish Line

What a great race we had in Falmouth on Sunday. The Falmouth Road Race is a ‪‎summer‬ classic here on the ‪‎Cape‬! Here’s a clip from the Finish Line‬!

“Revival”, the Sam Bush Story

Memorable evening last week at the Woods Hole Film Festival! The documentary was about Sam Bush, a revered “newgrass” musician among those in the know. Great movie, and at the end, Sam Bush himself came bounding down the aisle for Q and A with the knowledgeable and wildly enthusiastic audience. Lots of love, and what the fest does best.

(I heard he jammed with the Old Silver Band at the after-party, and those who were there say it was “epochal”.)

Sam Bush

Another Blazing Sunset in July

Summer evening at Old Silver Beach. Some people long for this, but we get to live it night after night, and experience the joy and wonder all over again. Grateful for sand in my shoes and sunsets at the beach!

Falmouth Colors