Woods Hole Film Festival – “Best of the Fest”

Saw this moving documentary Sunday evening at The Cotuit Center for the Arts. By Beth Murphy, Falmouth and internationally acclaimed filmmaker, it describes the first girls’ school in a remote Afghan village, and its impact on the individuals, families and community. Beth was at the CCftA for a q and a after the film. I and everyone there was mesmerized.

This was part of the Woods Hole Film Festival “Best of the Fest” series. This continues for the next several months in different locations. Get to as many as you can! It’s another one of the perks of being here year-round – no crowds, easy parking, comfortable theaters, interesting films.


Boston Magazine’s Design Home 2016 at The Pinehills

Boston Magazine’s Design Home 2016 at The Pinehills was a totally fun “busman’s holiday”! (You’d think I see enough houses, right?) Designed by Polhemus Savery DaSilva and furnished by Ethan Allen, Room and Board, and Setting the Space, it’s a treat to see and experience, even for me, Ms. Fussy. Go! The $25 admission benefits Boston Children’s Hospital. See the latest in snazzy design and make a worthwhile charitable donation at the same time!


First Day of Autumn at Old Silver Beach

First day of Autumn, 82 degrees in Falmouth!  Apparently I wasn’t the only person who thought the beach was a good idea.  There wasn’t one parking space at Old Silver Beach.  A perfect Cape Cod day, this is why we live here!


Wounded Warriors on the Bike Path

The Wounded Warriors were on the bike path this morning, with loud and fervent appreciation from people at every cross street. I didn’t know what to expect, if there would be hundreds of them, or if they would be on motorcycles roaring through. But there were only about 50-75 participants, some with obvious effects of their service, on adapted or regular non-motorized bikes. They were awesome! I was happy to cheer them on, and they were happy to be appreciated. An unanticipated moment of patriotic pride on a gorgeous first day of autumn…I didn’t have my phone with me, but here’s a link. Click Here.


Lazy Sundaes

Get it while you can! $5 quarts of delectable Richardson’s ice cream until they run out! Lazy Sundaes is next to The Daily Brew in Cataumet. I got Blueberry Pie, delish! Of course, I also got Choc Chip Fro Yo, Peach, and good old French Vanilla. It’s easier to decide on a house than so many enticing flavors…