61 degrees on sunny Cape Cod!

Get out the t-shirts and shorts, lunch at the beach! (Even if this is the calm before the next storm.)

First Home!

All buyer closings are exciting, as people embark on what they hope will be a wonderful new time in their lives. But maybe the first one is just a bit more special, just because it’s the first. Here are the keys to a sweet cottage on an old dirt road in Sandwich, just perfect for this first-time buyer and his honey. He worked hard to get to this place, and is justifiably proud and joyful. We hope every dream will come true!

Four Degrees, North Falmouth

Yes, it’s 4 degrees this morning in North Falmouth. But sunny, so a bit deceiving until you’re out there. Work continues steady, kind of makes the cold irrelevant. I never thought of this when I thought about the benefits of a career in real estate!

Winter Shadows

Not VT., but outside my window in North Falmouth. Long shadows cast by winter sun.

Spicy Southwestern Chicken Soup

This is very spicy, good for blasting out head colds, flus and anything else that might be ailing you! I’m heading out soon to do some Good Samaritan deliveries. (If you prefer less heat, reduce chili powder and/or add a dollop of sour cream or yogurt.) Here is a link to the recipe.