61 degrees on sunny Cape Cod!

Get out the t-shirts and shorts, lunch at the beach! (Even if this is the calm before the next storm.) … Continue reading

A Coast of a Different Color

Since I’m still on east coast time, I was up and out at daybreak. Wandering through any amusement park during off-hours is evocative, and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk didn’t disappoint. It was just the cleaning crews, gulls and me. So … Continue reading

Winter Solstice Dance Party

This captures the spirit of the Woods Hole community better than words ever could! Take a look at Brian Switzer’s video, forwarded by Beth Colt, guaranteed to lift your heart! Do your own little dance, and send it out into … Continue reading

Picture-Perfect Day on the Vineyard – Not!

A cold, wet day on the ferry to and from the Vineyard – dark, roiling swells, everything gray-green, no horizon or land in the distance. Not the kind of picture you usually see of the Vineyard!   … Continue reading

House Swap 101

Swapping homes is a delicate and somewhat difficult process, not for the faint of heart or sloppy of habit. We each spent a lot of time clearing away a lot of our own personal stuff to make room for the … Continue reading