Falmouth Colors: Quissett Crowing, 2/6/15

Quissett Harbor

Quissett Crowing

I have two friends who are crow aficionados. One is my friend John Brady, a writer whose book on Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner will be published this year. Look for it – it reveals much that’s not well-known about the romance they shared.

I thought that Jack knew everything about crows until I discovered that my friend Marcy actually “talks” to crows – in their language! She’s a long-time avid birder, and has this amazing talent of calling the crows, and then cawing back and forth with them. It’s incredible! Now when I see crows, I see them a little differently. At Quissett Harbor last week, the only sound was of the crows.

Falmouth Colors: Old Silver Beach, 2/5/15

Last week Beth Colt of the Woods Hole Inn, Quicks Hole Tavern, and Falmouth Academy showed me her daily FB postings of images from around Woods Hole. She calls it “Woods Hole Colors”, a compliment to “Vineyard Colors”, a daily posting of images from the Vineyard that was started by a couple of house cleaners who wanted to share what they saw as they drove around their beautiful island. The New York Times picked up the story, and the rest as they say is history.

Hopping right onto the bandwagon, or color wheel as the case may be, I liked the idea of doing the same thing in Falmouth, and calling it “Falmouth Colors”. I started posting this week. The images may be seen on my Facebook page.

But today was just gray and dreary, and I couldn’t find a thing worth sharing. I questioned whether this idea was sustainable, and I still don’t know how it will play out. To do it every day is a big commitment, and some days are well, just not pretty. Or maybe it’s my life that isn’t pretty every day.

But at the very end of the day today, the last few moments, I could see that the western sky was light. It was actually yellow. I hit the road, and got to Old Silver Beach in time. This is what I saw. (But I nearly froze in the three seconds it took to capture the scene – the wind was brutal.) Can you see the cold?

Old Silver Beach

Falmouth Colors: Sunset at Old Silver Beach, 2/5/15

Falmouth Colors: Unsung Hero, 2/3/15

If you had a warm bowl of clam chowder last week, this might have been the guy who made it possible. Yes, the clam diggers are out there, regardless of how chilly the air and water are, digging clams for us. Unsung heroes!

Cape Cod clammer

And here’s one that was left behind…